Lucibello's Italian Pastry Shop


Lucibello's Italian Pastry Shop was established in 1929.


The Faggio Family has owned and operated Lucibello's for over 50 years. Frank Faggio worked since an early age and purchased the Pastry Shop, where he learned his craft, in 1959 at its original location on Chapel Street, New Haven, Ct.

His perseverance and hard work led to its rapid growth, moving the well-known bakery to its present location at 935 Grand Avenue (corner of Olive St.). Frank's passion, pursuit of excellence, and incredible work ethic grew his business into a successful, honored establishment.

Presently, Frank's son, Peter Faggio continues this family tradition: maintaining old-world skill, creating pastries, cakes, cookies and Italian confections that have made Lucibello's a landmark in New Haven, Connecticut and surrounding cities.

Committment to Quality

Lucibello's commitment to quality and authenticity has resulted in numerous awards, accolades, and admiration of its community for over 80 years.

The Faggio Family is honored to continue history and display authentic, traditional Italian desserts which are respected, enjoyed, and esteemed by many generations. We welcome you to visit and relive a fond memory, create a new one, and more importantly, ---enjoy!